THE HEALTHY HABIT TECHNIQUE– Applying my version of The Secret to weight management

The Healthy Habit Technique is my way of practicing the law of attraction.  

It sounds so easy to say, you get what you ask for.  Well, it doesn’t always feel like that, does it?  How many times have you started a diet and or weight management program with good feelings only to bottom out after awhile, disappointing your self yet again.  

If it were easy, you would do it– no problem.  

Since it’s not, we need to use what’s available and do it the smart way.  And to me, that means finding what modifications can be made with the least resistance.

 For instance, the ego does not like to be denied.  If you desire sweet foods, your ego will not like it when  you deny yourself those sweet treats.  It takes energy to deny a desire and soon, stress gets the better of you or you get frustrated because nothing is easily available and you “cave”, reverting to an old habit of eating something that you told yourself that you wouldn’t.  And you know how that can spiral into a self-loathing gorge of all the things you “won’t-eat-after-today” kind of thing.

It’s the emotional aspect that I find to be the most potent of all.  Beyond diet, beyond fat-intake, beyond how many calories you consume and how much exercise you do, I believe that how you feel about your self and what you eat/do, is the secret to how your body interprets signals and responds.

 Emotions are all tangled up in beliefs.  When we believe something, we have emotional attachment to that premise.  For instance, believing that you inherited a weight problem can mean more to your brain than all the exercise and dieting you do.

Conversely, if we believe our selves to have a high metabolism, we can eat more–and enjoy it more too.

Changing such ingrained beliefs is tricky however.  Old patterns run deep and changing our beliefs sounds simple but may not be so easy.

The first step to the Healthy Habit Technique (HHT) is Attend.  It’s purpose is to self-evaluate–examine your beliefs and see if they are sabotaging you.


 Do you believe you are capable of losing weight?

 Do you believe it’s possible FOR YOU to stay at your perfect weight?

 Do you believe you are what you believe you are?

 Do you feel you can change your attitudes?

 Do you DESIRE things that are good for you?

 Do you think you could learn to DESIRE things that make you feel good about your self?

 What would those things be?


Get back to me and let’s discuss this further.

Look for the next few blogs to describe the next step–INTEND


Form and Thought are Inter-Active

Learning to feel balance happens on the physical and mental level. One effects the other and we build associations between the two.  When you feel physically balanced, your brain is aware and responds in kind.

In this way, we can build associations that become c0-laterally activated.  When we couple an action with a thought, over time that action calls forth the thought–or feeling.  So we can be directive by choosing a constructive association so that we are served rather than sabotaged by our habits.